Heller, Steven

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Teaching Graphic Design
Course Offerings and Class Projects from the Leading Graduate and Undergraduate Programs
Edited by Steven Heller
(Allworth Press)
More Than Sixty Course Syllabi That Bring the New Complexity of Graphic Design to Light All graphic designers teach, yet not all graphic designers are teachers. Teaching is a special skill requiring talent, instinct, passion, and organization. But while talent, instinct, and passion are inherent, organization... [READ MORE]
Citizen Designer
Perspectives on Design Responsibility (Second Edition)
By Steven Heller, By Veronique Vienne
(Allworth Press)
Balancing Social, Professional, and Artistic Views What does it mean to be a designer in today's corporate-driven, overbranded global consumer culture? Citizen Designer, Second Edition, attempts to answer this question with more than seventy debate-stirring essays and interviews espousing viewpoints... [READ MORE]
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